Faculty Directory: A-D  E-K  L-Z  Adjuncts

Dr. Dalia Abbas
Assistant Professor, Forest Certification & Sustainability
Office: Warnell 4-507Office Phone: 706.542.1182 Cell Phone: 612.819.0567
Dr. Doug Aubrey
Assistant Professor, Forest Ecophysiology & Energy Ecology, Savannah River Ecology Lab
SREL, PO Drawer E, Aiken, SC 29802  Office: SREL-174  Lab: SREL 185/186
803.725.0135  Lab Phone: 803.725.5767  Fax: 803.725.3309
Mr. Chuck Bargeron
2360 Rainwater Road, Tifton, GA 31793Phone: 229.386.3298 Fax: 229.386.3352
Dr. James Beasley
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management, Savannah River Ecology Lab
SREL, PO Drawer E, Aiken, SC 29802Phone: 803.725.5113 Fax: 803.725.3309
Dr. Pete Bettinger
Professor, Landscape Planning & Harvest Scheduling
Office: Warnell 4-527Phone: 706.542.1187
Dr. B. "Bynum" Boley
Assistant Professor, Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism (NRRT)
Office: Warnell 1-301BPhone: 706.583.8930
Dr. Robert Bringolf
Graduate Coordinator & Associate Professor, Fish Biology and Ecotoxicology
Office: Warnell 3-408Phone: 706.542.1477
Dr. Bronson Bullock
Associate Professor, Forest Biometrics & Quantitative Timber Management
Office: Warnell 4-529Phone: 706.542.6205
Dr. Steven Castleberry
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management
Office: Warnell 1-203 Phone: 706.542.4284 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Michael Chamberlain
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management
Office: Warnell 3-322Phone: 706.542.1181
Dr. Richard Chandler
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Management
Office: Warnell 3-409BPhone: 706.542.5815
Dr. Chris Cieszewski
Professor, Fiber Supply Assessment
Office: Warnell 4-526Phone: 706.542.8169
Dr. Kim Coder
Professor, Community Forestry and Tree Health
Office: Warnell 4-432Phone: 706.542.9050
Dr. Michael Conroy
Senior Research Scientist in Wildlife Biometrics, Wildlife
Office: Warnell 3-304Phone: 706.542.1167
Dr. Robert Cooper
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Biometrics
Office: Warnell 3-409Phone: 706.542.6066
Dr. Sarah Covert
Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs
Office: New College 225 Phone: 706.542.9389
Dr. Joseph "Joe" Dahlen
Assistant Professor, Wood Quality
Office: Warnell 4-330Phone: 706.583.0464 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Richard "Dick" Daniels
Professor Emeritus, Qualitative Forest Management
Office: Warnell 4-506
Dr. David Dickens
Professor, Forest Productivity
Georgia Southern University Phone: 912.681.5639 or 912.690.1678 Fax: 912.681.0376
Dr. Puneet Dwivedi
Assistant Professor, Sustainability Sciences
Office: Warnell 4-114Phone: 706.542.2406 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Kamal J. Gandhi
Associate Professor, Forest Entomology; Forest Health and Protection
Office: Warnell 4-331 Lab: Warnell 4-315Phone: 706.542.4614 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Mikell Gleason
Lecturer and Assistant Director for Program Development, Discover Abroad
Office: Warnell Suite 4-102 Room 103 Phone: 706.542.9713
Dr. Gary T. Green
Assistant Dean of Student Services & Associate Professor, Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism
Office: Warnell 1-301DPhone: 706.542.6556
Dr. Dale Greene
Office: Warnell 2-230Phone: 706.542.4741
Dr. Gary Grossman
Professor, Animal Ecology
Office: Warnell 1-113Phone: 706.542.1160  Lab: Warnell 3-222Lab Phone: 706.542.5089
Dr. Scott Harding
Senior Research Scientist
Office: Davidson Life Sciences B308B Phone: 706.542.1239
Mr. Thomas "Tom" Harris, Jr.
Professor, Forest Business Management and Timber Mart-South
Office: Warnell 4-532Phone: 706.542.2832
Dr. Jeff Hepinstall-Cymerman
Associate Professor, Landscape Ecology
Office: Warnell 4-304Phone: 706.583.8097  Lab: Warnell 4- 205Lab Phone: 706.542.6183
Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez
Associate Professor, Wildlife Disease, Wildlife
Office: Warnell 4-325Phone: 706.542.9727
Dr. Brian Irwin
Assistant Unit Leader & Adjunct Faculty, Fisheries, GA Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
Office: Warnell 3-427Phone: 706.542.0790 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Kris Irwin
Senior Public Service Associate, Conservation Education
Office: Warnell 4-401Phone: 706.542.7412
Mr. Robert "Bob" Izlar
Director, Harley Langdale Jr. Center for Forest Business
Office: Warnell 4-201Phone: 706.542.6819 Fax: 706.542.5073
Dr. Ben Jackson
Professor, Timber Harvesting and Alternative Forest Products
Office: Warnell 4-436Phone: 706.542.9051 Fax: 706.542.3342
Dr. C. Rhett Jackson
Professor, Hydrology
Office: Warnell 4-114Phone: 706.542.1772
Dr. Cecil Jennings
Unit Leader & Adjunct Professor, GA Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
Office: Warnell 3-429Phone: 706.542.4837
Dr. Michael "Mike" Kane
Director, PMRC & UGA CAFS & Professor, Quantitative Silviculture
Office: Warnell 4-505Phone: 706.542.3009
Dr. Elizabeth King
Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Ecology & Management
Office: Biological Sciences 710
Dr. John Maerz
Professor, Wildlife
Office: Warnell 3-323Phone: 706.542.9909
Dr. Daniel Markewitz
Professor, Soil Site Productivity
Office: Warnell 4-202Phone: 706.542.0133
Dr. James Martin
Assistant Professor, Wildlife
Office: Warnell 3-320Phone: 706.542.2344
Dr. Mark McConnell
Wildife Outreach Specialist
Office: Warnell 4-428Phone: 706-542-3277
Dr. Mary Anne McGuire
Assistant Research Scientist, Tree Physiology
Office: Warnell 4-215Phone: 706.583.8222
Dr. Bin "Richard" Mei
Associate Professor, Forest Resource Finance & Economics
Office: Warnell 4-528Phone: 706.542.5448 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Michael "Mike" Mengak
Associate Dean of Service & Outreach and Professor, Wildlife Specialist
Office:Warnell 4-435Phone: 706.583.8096
Dr. Scott Merkle
Associate Dean of Research and Professor, Forest Biology
Office: Warnell 3-503Phone: 706.542.6112  Lab: Warnell 3-519Lab Phone: 706.542.4842
Dr. Karl Miller
Professor, Wildlife Management
Office: Warnell 3-407Phone: 706.542.1305 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Cristian Montes
Associate Professor, Natural Resources Biometrics
Office: Warnell 4-530Phone: 706.542.4814
Dr. Clinton "Clint" Moore
Assistant Unit Leader and Adjunct Assistant Professor, GA Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit
Wildlife Ecology and Management
Office: Warnell 3-426Phone: 706.542.1166 Fax: 706.542.8356
Dr. Dave Moorhead
Professor of Silviculture & Co-Director, Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health
Office: 2360 Rainwater Road, Tifton, GA 31793 Phone: 229.386.3298 Fax: 229.386.3352
Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Morris
Professor, Forest Soils
Office: Warnell 4-303Phone: 706.542.2532  Lab: Warnell 4-318Phone: 706.542.1071
Dr. C. Joseph Nairn
Professor, Conservation Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Forest Biotechnology
Office: Warnell 3-211Phone: 706.542.1885  Lab: Warnell 3-202Phone: 706.542.0677
Dr. Nathan "Nate" Nibbelink
Associate Professor, GIS/Spatial Ecology
Office: Warnell 4-229 Phone: 706.542.9853
Dr. Douglas "Doug" Peterson
Professor, Fisheries Research
Office: Warnell 3-421Phone: 706.542.2944
Dr. Todd Rasmussen
Professor, Hydrology and Water Resources
Office: Warnell 4-123 Phone: 706.542.4300
Dr. Olin "Gene" Rhodes, Jr.
Office: Savannah River Ecology Lab, Aiken SC Phone: 803.725.8191 Fax: 803.725.3309
Dr. Brian Shamblin
Assistant Research Scientist
Office: Warnell 3-310Phone: 706.542.1237​
Dr. James "Jay" Shelton
Associate Professor, Fisheries
Office: Warnell 4-430Phone: 706.542.2686​
Mr. Anuj Sinha
Director of Finance and Administration
Office: Warnell 2-227Phone: 706.542.4745 Fax: 706.542.5561
Dr. Jacek Siry
Professor, Forest Economics
Office: Warnell 4-531Phone: 706.542.3060
Dr. Michael Tarrant
Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Human Dimensions
Director, Discover Abroad
Office:Warnell Suite 4-102 Room 103Phone: 706.583.0901 Fax: 706.583.0177
Dr. Robert Teskey
Distinguished Research Professor, Physiology, Forest Ecology
Office: Warnell 4-203Phone: 706.542.5055
Lab: Warnell 4-213Phone: 706.542.1059
Dr. C.J. Tsai
Winfred N. "Hank" Haynes Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Office: Davison Life Sciences B314 Phone: 706.542.1271
Lab: Davison Life Sciences B310 Phone: 706.542.1304
Dr. Robert "Bob" Warren
Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management
Office: Warnell 3-327Phone: 706.542.6474
Dr. Susan Wilde
Assistant Professor
Office: Warnell 4-212Phone: 706.542.3346
Dr. Michael Yabsley
Associate Professor, Wildlife Disease
Office: Vet School Phone: 706.542.1741
Dr. Dehai Zhao
Associate Research Scientist (Graduate Faculty), Statistics, Forest Biometrics & Management
Office: Warnell 4-524Phone: 706.542.6021

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Brett Albanese
Assistant Professor
Office: Ecology 103 Phone: 706.542.2968
Dr. Danna Baxley
Assistant Professor
Dr. Carolyn Belcher
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bruce Borders
Dr. Lindsay Boring
3988 Jones Center Drive, Newton, GA 39870 Phone: 229.734.4706 Ext. 224
Dr. James Bowker
Senior Research Scientist, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
320 Green Street, Athens, GA 30602-2044Phone: 706.559.4271
Dr. Steven Brantley
3988 Jones Center Drive, Newton, GA 39870Phone: 229.734.4706 Ext. 241
Dr. John Carroll
Professor & Director, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
903 Hardin Hall, 3310 Holdrege Street, Lincoln, NE 68583-0989 Phone: 402.472.8368
Dr. Jon Caulfield
Professor & Head of Timberland Research, BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group
Cathy Clutter, J.D.
Instructor & Pre-Law Advisor and Program Director
Office: Memorial Hall 101 Phone: 706.542.5836
Dr. Larry "Mike" Conner
3988 Jones Center Drive, Newton, GA 39870Phone: 229.734.4706 Ext. 278
Dr. H. Ken Cordell
Dr. Joseph DeVivo
Instructor & National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring Deputy Chief for Science
NPS 1201 Oak Ridge Dr., Suite 150, Fort Collins, CO 80525-5596Phone: 970.267.2189
Dr. Mark Gregory
Dr. William "Bill" Hubbard
Regional Extension Forester, CES - Southern Region, Southern Regional Extension Forestry
2306 Mowry Road, PO Box 110806, Gainesville, FL 32611 Phone: 706.340.5070
Dr. Christopher Jenkins
Assistant Professor & CEO, The Orianne Society
100 Phoenix Road, Athens, GA 30605 Phone: 706.353.7800
Dr. John C Kilgo
Assistant Professor & Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
PO Box 700, New Ellenton, SC 29809Phone: 803.725.0561
Dr. Jack Lutz
Assistant Professor & Principal and Forest Economist, the Forest Reseach Group
78 Stoneybrook Way, Hermon, ME 04401 Phone: 207.605.0037
Dr. Steven McCutcheon
Dr. Steven "Kyle" McKay
Assistant Professor & Researcher, US Army Corp of Engineers, Engineer Research & Development Center
Office: Warnell 4-115 Phone: 601.415.7160
Dr. John Mctague
Professor & Manager of Growth & Yield Research, Rayonier
Dr. Brooks Mendell
Assistant Professor & President, FORISK Consulting
P.O. Box 5070, Athens, GA 30604Phone: 770.725.8447
Dr. Chelcy Miniat
Assistant Professor & Project Leader, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
3160 Coweeta Lab Rd., Otto, NC 28763Phone: 828.524.2128 Ext. 118
Dr. James "Jim" Peterson
Associate Professor of Fisheries, Oregon State University Department of Fisheries & Wildlife & Assistant Leader – Fish, USGS Oregon Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Nash Hall 176, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331 Phone: 541.737.1963
Dr. Neelam Poudyal
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Department of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries
274 Ellington Plant Sciences Bldg., Knoxville, TN 37996Phone: 865.974.8771
Dr. Tyrone Ridgeway
Assistant Professor
Dr. John Schelhas
Assistant Professor & Research Forester, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
320 Green Street, Athens, GA 30602-2044Phone: 334.727.8131
Dr. Laurence "Laurie" Schimleck
Professor & Department Head, Oregon State University, College of Forestry, Wood Science & Engineering
119 D Richardson Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331 Phone: 541.737.4224
Dr. Lora Smith
Assistant Professor & Associate Scientist, Joseph E. Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway
3988 Jones Center Drive, Newton, GA 39870Phone: 229.734.4706 Ext. 280
Dr. Stephen Spear
Assistant Research Scientist & Associate Conservation Scientist, The Orianne Society
100 Phoenix Road, Athens, GA 30605 Phone: 706.353.7800
Dr. Theron M. Terhune
Assistant Professor & Director, Tall Timbers Game Bird Program
13093 Henry Beadel Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312Phone: 850.893.4153 Ext. 268
Dr. Tracey Tuberville
Associate Research Scientist, Savannah River Ecology Lab
PO Drawer E, Aiken, SC 29802 Phone: 803.725.5757 Fax: 803.725.3309
Dr. Thomas Wigley
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarah Workman
Public Service Associate
UGA Phone: 706.542.9737