Dr. Michael Yabsley
Dr. Michael Yabsley
Associate Professor
Wildlife Disease

PhD in Infectious Diseases from University of Georgia, 2004

MS in Zoology (Parasitology) from Clemson University, 2000

BS in Biological Sciences (major) and Wildlife Biology (minor) from Clemson University, 1997

Prior Positions:

Assistant Research Scientist, Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, Department of Population Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, 2004-2006
Dorn, P; Perniciaro, L; Yabsley, M; Roellig, D; Balsamo, G; Diaz, J; and Wesson, D. 2007. Autochthonous transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi, Louisiana. Emerging Infectious Diseases 13:605-7.
Munderloh, U; Yabsley, M; Murphy, S; Luttrel, M; and Howerth, E. 2007. Isolation and establishment of the raccoon Ehrlichia-like agent in tick cell culture. Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 7:418-425.
Hall, C; Polizzi, C; Yabsley, M; and Norton, T. 2007. Trypanosoma cruzi prevalence and epidemiologic thrends in lemurs on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, USA. Journal of Parasitology 93:93-6.
Wilcox, B; Yabsley, M; Ellis, A; Stallknecht, D; and Gibbs, S. 2007. West Nile virus antibody detection and persistence in American crows (Corvus brachyrhychos) and fish crows (Corvus ossifragus). Avian Diseases 51:125-8.
Labruna, M; McBride, J; Camaro, L; Aguiar, D; Yabsley, M; Davidson, W; Stromdahl, E; Williamson, P; Stich, R; Long, S; Camaro, E; and Walker, D. 2007. A preliminary investigation of Ehrlichia species in ticks, humans, dogs, and capybaras from Brazil. Veterinary Parasitology 143:189-195.
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