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Dr. Richard Bin Mei

Hargreaves Professor of Forest Finance
CFA level II candidate
  • PhD, University of Georgia, 2010
  • MS, Mississippi State University, 2007
  • BS, MS, Beijing Forestry University, 2002, 2005
Selected Publications:

Journal articles selected. Full list available at my ResearchGate page.

Mei, B., D. Wear, and Y. Li. 2022. Tree planting subsidies and land use switching between forestry and agriculture in the US South. Journal of Forest Economics. Forthcoming.

Mei, B. 2022. On the performance of timberland as an alternative asset. Journal of Forest Economics. Forthcoming.

Gutierrez Garzon, A.R., P. Bettinger, J. Abrams, J. Siry, and B. Mei. 2022. Forest sustainability in state forest management plans: A content analysis. Journal of Sustainable Forestry. Forthcoming.

Baral, S. and B. Mei. 2021. Development and performance of timber REITs in the United States: A review and some prospects. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. Forthcoming.

Piao, X., W. Yao, and B. Mei. 2021. On the risk of novel specialized REITs. Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. Forthcoming.

Zhang, W. and B. Mei. 2021. Volatility decay and diversification role of timberland as the investment horizon lengthens. Forest Science 67(5): 501-513.

Mei, B. 2021. Commentary - From backwoods to boardrooms: The rise of institutional investment in timberland, ISBN 9780870711428, Daowei Zhang. Oregon State University Press, 2021. 280 p. Forest Policy and Economics 133: 102609.

Restrepo, H., B. Mei, and B. Bullock. 2020. Long-term timber contracts in the southeastern US: Updating the primer valuation framework. Forest Science 66(6): 653-665.

Baral, S., Y. Li, and B. Mei. 2020. Financial effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on non-industrial private forest landowners: A comparative study for 10 southern States of the US. Journal of Forestry 118(6): 584-597.

Mei, B., W. Wu, and W. Yao. 2020. Private-equity commercial real estate, timberland, and farmland: Market integration and information transition dynamics. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 50(11): 1101-1112.

Guiterrez Garzon, A.R., P. Bettinger, J. Siry, J. Abrams, C. Cieszewski, K. Boston, B. Mei, H. Zengin, and A. Yesil. 2020. A comparative analysis of five forest certification programs. Forests. 11(8): 863.

Reeves, T., B. Mei, J. Siry, P. Bettinger, and S. Ferreira. 2020. Effect of working forest conservation easements on surrounding property values. Forest Policy and Economics 118: 102241.

Hiegel, A., J. Siry, P. Bettinger, and B. Mei. 2020. Timberland transaction costs and due diligence - A literature review and assessment of research needs. International Forestry Review 22(2): 199-210.

Reeves, T., B. Mei, J. Siry, P. Bettinger, and S. Ferreira. 2020. Towards a characterization of working forest conservation easements in Georgia, USA. Forests 11(6): 635.

Restrepo, H., W. Zhang, and B. Mei. 2020. The time-varying role of timberland in long-term, mixed-asset portfolios under the mean conditional value-at-risk framework. Forest Policy and Economics 113: 102136.

Mei, B. and M. Clutter. 2020. Return and information transmission of public and private timberland markets in the United States. Forest Policy and Economics 113: 102092.

Guiterrez Garzon, A.R., P. Bettinger, J. Siry, B. Mei, and J. Abrams. 2020. The terms foresters and planners in the United States use to infer sustainability in forest management plans: A survey analysis. Sustainability 12(1): 17.

Mei, B. 2019. Timberland investments in the United States: A review and prospects. Forest Policy and Economics 109: 101998.

Zhang, W. and B. Mei. 2019. Assessing the risk and return of optimal portfolios of US timberland and farmland. Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management 25(1): 99-113.

Li, Y., B. Mei, and T. Linhares-Juvenal. 2019. The economic contribution of the world's forest sector. Forest Policy and Economics 100: 236-253.

Mei, B., D. Wear, and J. Henderson. 2019. Timberland investment under both financial and biophysical risk. Land Economics 95(2): 279-291.

Research Areas:
Research Interests:

Timberland investment
Forest products market and industry
Decision making under uncertainty


FINA 7110 Valuation (MBA class at Terry College of Business)
FORS 7780 Timberland Accounting, Finance and Taxation
FORS 7790 Forest Finance Decision Making

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