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Study Abroad

Not every study abroad course is offered every year.  Contact the program director for more information about specific courses.

Discover Abroad

UGA’s Discover Abroad is a suite of study abroad and service-learning programs on the theme of "sustaining human societies and the natural environment" in Antarctica, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Global problems such as climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and traditional human systems, as well as the conservation of our environment, are complex issues that require sophisticated understandings of humans and their natural systems. Subsequently, our programs focus on the unique integration of both social and biophysical sciences that suit students of most majors. Click on for further information.

More Information on Discover Abroad

Various Courses-offered year round in Antarctica, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Michael A. Tarrant, Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor
Building Four, Suite 102
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602, USA
Phone: 706-542-9713
Web site:

South Africa

This course objectives are to familiarize students with issues in International Wildlife Management, and provide a firsthand understanding of the natural history of the bushveld in eastern Botswana and South Africa.  Also, to familiarize students with mammal, avian and reptile biology, including anatomy and physiology, behavior, ecology, evolution, and conservation.  This amazing 22 days study abroad provides a firsthand understanding of the natural history of the bushveld of eastern Botswana and parts of South Africa leading into an introduction to wildlife conservation. 

More Information on Study Abroad South Africa

  • Course: WILD5200/7200: International Issues in Wildlife Conservation

  • Offered Maymester

  • Contact

    Program Manager: Discover Abroad
    Room 102, Warnell Building Four
    Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
    The University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602, USA
    Phone: 706.542.9713
    Fax: 706-542-9686

  • Web site:

Costa Rica

Conservation medicine is an emerging field that is concerned with the interface between human health, animal health (both wild and domestic) and ecosystem health. It is a synthesis of the fields of veterinary medicine, public health, ecology, forestry and natural resources and the principles of conservation biology, biogeography, population genetics, economics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and other disciplines to understand and maintain biological diversity throughout the world. 

More information on Study Abroad in Costa Rica

  • Duration: 4 weeks (31 days) in Summer
  • Course Credit Hours: 6 credit hours 
  • CourseWILD/ECOL4575/6575: Conservation Medicine-Conservation Biology
  • Course Objectives:
    • To learn and practice the basic principles and major topics of conservation medicine and conservation biology in field conditions, including Costa Rican culture, service/outreach to local communities
    • To understand how to create and implement hypothesis-driven research projects in the field.
    • To develop efficient and safe field work skills in a tropical environment
    • To understand how the interplay of humans and nature have shaped the landscape in Costa Rica
    • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration and integration between students in veterinary medicine, ecology, and wildlife/forestry/natural resources
    • To understand the cultural and socioeconomic issues that relevant to conservation biology and conservation medicine.
    • To encourage US-Costa Rican professional integration between UGA, captive animal facilities, and the Universidad Nacional (National University of Costa Rica)
    • To foster US-Costa Rican cultural integration between UGA students and faculty with the people of Costa Rica.
  • Contact

    Sonia M. Hernandez, DVM, PhD, DACZM, Program Director
    Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
    The University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602, USA
    Phone: 706-542-1150
    Email: shernz@uga

  • Web sites:


This study abroad program focuses on the nexus between the environment and development in Brazil, and how these factors affect the sustainable development of the Amazon basin. This program will introduce you to international forest management issues including global forestry, conservation biology, and global change. Brazil is a world leader in forest and agricultural commodity production and, of course, is home to the Amazon Basin; the largest contiguous tropical rainforests in the world. You will investigate natural resource management from the forest to the feira (a Brazilian market) including a week traveling on the Amazon River. It is a spectacular learning opportunity. 

More Information on Study Abroad in Brazil

  • Agroecology focuses on the complex relationships between the environment and production of agricultural commodities, such as cultivated crops including trees, and livestock. Agroecological issues often share similarities among different countries but are embedded in different cultures and environments. The importance of these issues increase in magnitude when the countries involved are international leaders such as Brazil and the US.
  • The locations visited in Brazil change yearly but always include a once-in-a-lifetime experience boating on the legendary Amazon River. In the past, we have traveled to Sao Paulo and Curitiba in the south, Recifé and the Island of Fernando do Naronha in the northeast, and Manaus, Santarem, and Belem in the north Amazon Basin. We visit areas where agricultural production is bountiful and the growing economy supports expanding urban populations as well as the jungle where communities still practice subsistence lifestyles. We visit remnant Atlantic rain forests, coral reefs, sugar cane plantations, eucalypt and pine plantations, a saw mill and paper mill, a charcoal production facility, soybean production. a bauxite mine, rural communities and, of course, the Amazon rain forest. We also find some time to swim in the ocean and the Amazon and to fish for Piranha.
  • By the end you will have firsthand knowledge of the most rapidly growing agribusiness center in the world, Brazil. You will also have greater insight into the agroecological issues facing the US and a globalizing planet. The program’s goal is to prepare you for a future in the natural resources, forestry, and agricultural sciences that is highly globally interconnected. It is imperative that you learn about global economy and ecology of natural resources and production systems that will directly affect your future.
  • Courses: 
  • Dates: June-July Period (Thru Session I and II)
  • Credits: 3-6 hours
  • Estimated Costs: $2000 Includes: Lodging, meals, local transportation
  • Extra costs: Airfare, immunizations, passport+visa, tuition
  • Contact

    Dr. Daniel Markewitz, Program Director
    Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
    The University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602, USA
    Phone: 706-542-2532


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