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Dr. B. Bynum Boley

Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM)
Awards, Honors and Recognitions:

Editorial board member of the Journal of Travel Research

Editorial board member of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Editorial board member of Tourism Management

Selected Publications:

Aleshinloye, K., Woosnam, K., Erul, E., Suess, C., Kong, I., & Boley, B. (Accepted). Explaining residents’ involvement in tourism through emotional solidarity and empowerment. Current Issues in Tourism. Accepted on January 4, 2021.

Yeager*, E., Boley, B., & Goetcheus, C. (Accepted). Conceptualizing peer-to-peer accommodations as disruptions in the urban tourism system. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Accepted on December 8, 2020.

Beall*, J., Boley, B., Landon, A., & Woosnam, K.M. (Published Online) What drives ecotourism: environmental values or symbolic conspicuous consumption? Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

TenHarmsel*, H., Boley, B., Irwin, B., & Jennings, C. (Accepted). Perceived constraints and negotiations to trout fishing in Georgia based on angler specialization level. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. Accepted on October 30, 2020.

Knollenberg, W., Kline, C., Jordan, E., & Boley, B. (Accepted). Will US Travelers be Good Guests to Cuba? Examining US traveler segments’ sustainable behavior and interest in visiting Cuba. Journal of Destination Marketing and Management. Accepted on October 11, 2020.

Pruitt*, H., Boley, B., D’Angelo, G., & McConnell, M. (Accepted) Importance – Satisfaction Analysis of deer management cooperative members. Wildlife Society Bulletin. Accepted on August 5, 2020.

Boley, B. Jordan, J., & Woosnam, M. (Published Online). Reversed polarity items in tourism scales: Best practice or dimensional pitfall? Current Issues in Tourism.

Boley, B., & Woosnam, K. (2021). Going Global or Going Local? Why Travelers Choose Franchise and Independent Accommodations. Journal of Travel Research, 60(2), 354-369.

Mimbs*, B.P., Boley, B.B., Bowker, J.M., Woosnam, K.M., & Green, G.T. (2020). Importance-performance analysis of residents and tourists' preferences for water-based recreation in the Southeastern United States. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 31, p. 1-11

Denley*, T., Woosnam, K., Riberio, M.A., Boley, B., Hehir, C., & Abrams, J. (2020). Individuals’ intentions to engage in last chance tourism: Applying the value-belief-norm model. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 28(11), 1860-1881.

Yeager*, E., Boley, B. Woosnam, K. & Green, G. (2020). Modeling Residents’ Attitudes towards Short-Term Vacation Rentals. Journal of Travel Research, 59(6), 955-974.

Dongoh, J., Woosnam, K. Strzelecka, M., & Boley, B. (2020). Knowledge, empowerment, and action: Testing the empowerment theory in a tourism context. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 28(1), 69-85.

TenHarmsel*, H., Boley, B., Irwin, B., & Jennings, C. (2019). An Importance-Satisfaction Analysis of Trout License Holders in Georgia. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 39: 1227-1241.

Keith*, S., & Boley, B. (2019). Importance-Performance Analysis of Resident Urban Greenway Users: Findings from Three Atlanta BeltLine Neighborhoods. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 44.

Boley, B. Strzelecka, M., & Woosnam, K. (2018).  Resident perceptions of the economic benefits of tourism: Towards a Common Measure. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 42(8), 1295-1314.

Palardy[1], N., Boley, B., & Johnson-Gaither, C. (2018). Resident support for urban greenways across diverse neighborhoods: Comparing two Atlanta's BeltLine segments. Landscape and Urban Planning, 180 (December), 223-233.

Jordan, E., Boley, B., Knollenberg, W., & Kline, C. (2018). Predictors of intention to travel to Cuba across three time horizons: An application of the theory of planned behavior. Journal of Travel Research, 57(7), 981-993.

Soulard, J., Knollenberg, W., Boley, B., Perdue, R., & McGehee, N. (2018). Social capital and destination strategic planning. Tourism Management. 69, 189-200.

Boley, B., Jordan, E., Kline, C., & Knollenberg, W. (2018). Social Return and Intent to Travel. Tourism Management. 64, 119-128.

Landon, A., Woosnam, K., & Boley, B. (2018). Modeling the psychological antecedents to tourists’ pro-sustainable behaviors: An application of the value-belief norm model. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 26(6), 957-972.

Moran**, C., Boley, B., Woosnam, K. Jordan, E., Kline, C., Knollenberg, W. (2018). The battle of the socials: Which socially symbolic factors best predict intent to travel? Tourism Management, 68, 324-327. [Research Note].

Woosnam, K., Maruyama, M., Boley, B., & Erul, E. (2018). Stereotypes and perceived solidarity in ethnic enclave tourism. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 16(2), 138-154.

Fulmer*, A., Boley, B., & Green, G. (2018) Can You Hear Me Now? Using Importance-Performance Analysis to Gauge US Forest Service Employee Satisfaction with Handheld Radios. Journal of Forestry, 116(2), 133-142.

Boley, B., Strzelecka, M., & Watson*, A. (2018). Place Distinctiveness, Psychological Empowerment, and Support for Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research, 70, 137-139 [Research Note].

Palardy*, N., Boley, B., & Johnson-Gaither, C. (2018). Residents and Urban Trails: Modeling Support for the Atlanta Beltline. Landscape and Urban Planning. 169, 250-259.

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Maruyama, N., Woosnam, K., & Boley, B. (2017). Who is ethnic neighborhood tourism for anyway? Considering perspectives of the dominant cultural group. International Journal of Tourism Research. 19(6), 727-735.

Strzelecka, M., Boley, B., & Strzelecka, C. (2017). Empowerment and resident support for tourism in rural Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): The case of Pomerania, Poland.  Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 25(4), 554-572.

Maruyama, N., Woosnam, K., & Boley, B. (2017). Resident Attitudes toward Ethnic Neighborhood Tourism (ENT): Perspectives of ethnicity and empowerment. Tourism Geographies, 19(2), 265-286.

Boley, B., McGehee, N., & Hammet, A.L. (2017). Importance-performance analysis (IPA) of sustainable tourism initiatives: The resident perspective. Tourism Management, 58, 66-77.

Boley, B., & Strzelecka, M. (2016). Towards a Universal Measure of 'Support for Tourism.’ Annals of Tourism Research, 61, 238-241. [Research Note].

Maruyama, N., Woosnam, K., & Boley, B. (2016). Comparing Levels of Resident Empowerment among Two Culturally-Diverse Resident Populations in Oizumi, Gunma, Japan. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 24(10), 1442-1460

Walton*, Z., Poudyal, N., Hepinstall-Cymerman, J., Johnson-Gaither, C., & Boley, B. (2016). Exploring the role of forest resources in reducing community vulnerability to the heat effects of climate change. Forest Policy and Economics. 71, 94-102.

Woosnam, K., Maruyama, & Boley, B. (2016).  Perceptions of the ‘Other’ residents: Implications for attitudes of tourism development focused on the minority ethnic group.  Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing. 33(5), 567-580.

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Nickerson, N., Jorgenson, J., & Boley, B. (2016). Are sustainable tourists a higher spending market? Tourism Management. 54, 170-177.

Ayscue*, E., Boley, B., & Mertzlufft*, C. (2016). Mobile technology and resident attitude research. Tourism Management, 52, 559-562.  [Research Note]

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Boley, B. (2015). To travel or not to travel? Both have implications for sustainable tourism. Tourism Planning and Development, 12(2), 208-224.

Boley, B., McGehee, N., Perdue, R., & Long, P. (2014). Empowerment and resident attitudes toward tourism: Strengthening the theoretical foundation through a Weberian lens.  Annals of Tourism Research. 49, 33-50.

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Boley, B. & Nickerson, N. (2013).  Profiling geotravelers: An a priori segmentation identifying and defining sustainable travelers using the Geotraveler Tendency Scale (GTS). Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 21(2): 314-330.

Boley, B., Magnini, V., & Tuten, T. (2013). Social media picture posting and souvenir purchase behavior: Some initial findings. Tourism Management, 37: 27-30. [Research Note]

McGehee, N.G., Boley, B., Hallo, J., McGee, J., Norman, W., Goetcheus, C., & Oh, Chi-Ok (2013). Doing Sustainability: An application of an inter-disciplinary and mixed-method approach. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.  21(3): 355-375.

Boley, B. (2011). Sustainability in hospitality and tourism education: Towards an integrated curriculum. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education. 23(4): 22-30.

  Boley, B., Nickerson, N., & Bosak, K. (2011). Measuring geotourism: Developing and testing the Geotraveler Tendency Scale (GTS). Journal of Travel Research. 50(5): 567-578.

  Bosak, K., Boley, B., & Zaret, K. (2010) Deconstructing the “Crown of the Continent”: Power, politics and the process of creating National Geographic’s geotourism mapguides. Tourism Geographies. 12(3), 460-480.


[1] Denotes work conducted with UGA graduate student

** Denotes work conducted with UGA undergraduate student

* Denotes work conducted with UGA graduate student

[2] Article accepted February 27, 2014 and published online in March 2014, but placed in a 2013 volume.


[1] Denotes work conducted with UGA graduate student

** Denotes work conducted with UGA undergraduate student

* Denotes work conducted with UGA graduate student

[2] Article accepted February 27, 2014 and published online in March 2014, but placed in a 2013 volume.




Research Interests:

My research interests focus on sustainable tourism with special attention to how the unique natural and cultural resources of communities can be protected, packaged and marketed to jointly increase sustainability, resident quality of life and a community’s competitiveness as a tourism destination.

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