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Students plan a route through the forest

What is it Like to be a Warnell Student?

You may need a good pair of boots. 

This will make more sense after your first lab, where you may find yourself out at Whitehall Forest walking a line marked between a row of trees, or looking under stumps for salamanders. These are some of the experiences that make Warnell so special, but our students have access to events, clubs, and other programs throughout the year that help them connect to friends and potential employers in the future.

Here are a few ways Warnell is special.

School Events

Every fall, Warnell hosts an orientation event specifically for Warnell students. This is a great opportunity to connect with students, learn about clubs, and meet new faculty and staff members. Warnell also hosts career events throughout the year, including a fall event that allows students to make connections for summer internships as well as a spring social that connects students with alumni and potential employers in a casual setting.

Guest speakers, club meetings and morning biscuit events throughout the semesters also offer opportunities for our students to connect and learn more about their chosen major.


We believe in hands-on learning, and internships play a key role in the student experience. Many employers seek interns through Warnell and interview students at the school each semester—for many, these summer opportunities turn into jobs after graduation. Our students may spend their summers combing the beach for sea turtle nests, trekking through the wilderness with a group of campers, or walking through the forests to inventory timber. In some cases, an internship may count as a course credit (but please talk to your advisor before pursuing this option).

Internship opportunities are posted on the Warnell Job Board.

Study Abroad

Warnell's Discover Abroad program is students' first stop when exploring courses beyond our Athens campus. Discover Abroad offers study abroad and service-learning programs on the theme of "sustaining human societies and the natural environment" in Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. These classes are open to any UGA student, but are specifically designed to fit within Warnell's programs.

Learn More about Discover Abroad



Warnell students are some of the most active on campus. Find a variety of clubs within Warnell that reflect your interests and major—this is a great way to meet other students and also connect with professionals in your chosen field.


Student Ambassadors represent the school at functions such as Homecoming, Georgia Forestry Association’s Legislative Day, and recruiting trips throughout the state. Ambassadors receive leadership and professional development training, and also mix and mingle with alumni and leaders in the forestry and natural resources professions. Benefits include

  • Build close connections with Warnell faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students
  • Interact with leaders from the private and public sectors
  • Receive leadership training and certification
  • Special recognition at alumni and school events
  • Warnell swag! Every ambassador receives Warnell-branded clothing and other professional items.

Selection criteria:

  • Enthusiasm for the Warnell School and natural resources professions
  • Awareness of the importance of internal and external relationships to the school
  • Commitment to meet monthly as a group
  • Willingness to attend functions outside of school hours

See our current Ambassadors


AWRA: American Water Resources Association

If you are interested in learning a non-traditional aspect of forest resources or are just enthusiastic about water quality and the environment, then the American Water Resources Association was made for you. AWRA participates in quarterly stream sampling, the Adopt-A-Stream program, and Project Wet. 

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

Co-president Tess Thompson
Co-president Morgan Kerpics
Vice President Caleb Sytsma
Treasurer David Richards
Secretary Yannie Donaldson
Advisor Dr. Todd Rasmussen

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Society

The PRTM Society is dedicated to the understanding and implementation of sustainable recreation and tourism in natural resources through education, outreach, and fellowship.

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

Vice President    
Treasurer Madalyn Kuhn
Outreach & PR Rachel Bink
Advisor Dr. Kyle Woosnam
Advisor Dr. Bynum Boley

SAF Forestry Club

The SAF Forestry Club, which is affiliated with the national Society of American Foresters (SAF), is designed to help students learn more about their future careers while having fun and socializing with people of similar interests. The Club is involved in a variety of school activities as well as the intercollegiate ASFC Conclave event. Conclave is a competition among 15 colleges and universities with forestry programs across the Southeast. Students compete in a variety of physical and technical events, including log birling, log chopping, crosscut saw, dendrology, and timber volume estimation.

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

President Mason Adams
Vice President Conner Day
Treasurer Wynn Howard
Firewood Chair Michael Strickland

SAF Chair Thomas Humphries
Advisor Bronson Bullock

Student Association of Fire Ecology

SAFE at UGA is a student-led organization that promotes the application of fire ecology through science and education. We provide UGA students from diverse backgrounds with an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed, and funding and information resources accessed.

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

President Whittier Watts
Vice President Karlin Edwards
Treasurer Ben Comfort
Fire Crew Liason Ream Thomas
Advisor Dr. Doug Aubrey

UGA Fisheries Society

A student sub-unit of the American Fisheries Society

The UGA Fisheries Society was formed in 1994 and became an official sub-unit of AFS in 2000. Members share an interest in fisheries, ecology, limnology, and other disciplines involving aquatic resources. The club has an active schedule that includes informative seminars, community service projects, and fun activities. 

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

President Joel Yeager
Vice President Jackson Glomb
Treasurer Rachael Byrne
Fundraising Rachael Byrne  
Secretary Jacob Daley
Outreach Jacob Daley  
Advisor Dr. Robert Bringolf
Advisor Dr. Martin Hamel

HERP: UGA Herpetological Society

The University of Georgia Herpetological Society was founded in 2005. In addition to hosting regular speakers from across the country, the society provides live animal outreach programs to groups in the community, sponsors field trips to nearby locations and regional Herp Society meetings, and provides an outlet for herpetological husbandry, research and conservation among UGA students and staff. Membership is open to anyone; to join, please email club advisor Dr. John Maerz.

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

President Max Seldes
Vice President Seamus O'Brien
Graduate Co-chair Alex Hall
Graduate Co-chair Cyndi Carter
Outreach Coordinator Ben Thesing
Advisor Dr. John Maerz

Warnell Pre-Vet Club

The Warnell Pre-Vet Club is aimed at providing opportunities and resources for pre-veterinary students who would like to specialize in wildlife/exotics/zoological medicine. While the club originally formed as an outlet for Wildlife Pre-Veterinary majors, we are inclusive of all majors interested. We have speakers, volunteer opportunities, and help put on a few events every semester.   

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

President Lauren Ward lew57369@UGA.EDU
Vice President Lyssa Blair
Treasurer Farhatul (Farha) Choudhur
Outreach Kathryn (Kate) Jules
Secretary Linh Voong
Event Planner Sommer Hipple
Community Service Chair Kaitlin Dees
Social Chair Sydney Talley
Advisor Dr. Sonia Hernandez

The Wildlife Society

This club is the student chapter of The Wildlife Society and is involved in several functions during the year, such as the annual Wildlife Dinner, where students can sample a variety of exotic game dishes. The highlight of the year is the Wildlife Conclave, a competition among several universities from the Southeast in wildlife-related events. Some of the events include skeet shoot, obstacle course, kayaking, bow & arrow shoot, quiz bowl, and a drawing contest.

OFFICERS: 2021-2022

President Donovan Robar
Vice President Lavendar Harris
Treasurer Max Seldes
Secretary Abigail Hooks
Events Coordinator Morgan Lyons


Advisor Dr. Michael Kohl
Advisor Dr. Chris Cleveland

Xi Sigma Pi: National Forestry Honor Society

The Society’s objectives are to promote a high standard of scholarship, to work for the improvement of forest resource professions, and to foster a fraternal spirit among those engaged in forest-related activities. Membership is by invitation; requirements include a 3.0 GPA in professional coursework and an honorable personal character. Xi Sigma Pi is an active service organization.

OFFICERS: 2020-2021

President Ben Protzman
Associate Forester/Vice President Sarah McNair
Treasurer Jack Derochers
Secretary Cristina (Marci) Marciales
Advisor Dr. Joseph Conrad
Advisor Dr. Christian Montes


The Cypress Knee

Warnell's annual yearbook, The Cypress Knee was established in the 1930s by the Forestry Club to unite the members of the school. It stopped publication in 1972, but in 2012, students reestablished this tradition. Our student clubs play a large role in developing the content of each year's book.

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