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All Personnel

Assistant Professor of Forest & Disturbed Soils
Associate Professor, Natural Resource Policy and Sustainability
Building Supervisor
Adjunct Faculty, Assistant Chief, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Conservation Section
Alumni Steering Committee, BSFR '79, JD '92, Email:
Dean's Advisory Board, Larson & McGowin, BSFR '91
Research Professional III
Sr. Research Associate
Associate Professor, Forest Ecophysiology & Energy Ecology
Manulife Investment Management, Timberland & Agriculture, BBA '12, MFR '14,
Alumni Steering Committee, Georgia Power Company, BSFR '04, Email:
Director of Finance & Administration
Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health (Bugwood), Senior Public Service Associate
Research Professional III
Assistant Professor
Young Alumni Committee (ex-officio)
Professor, Wildlife Ecology & Management
Professor Emeritus
Assistant Professor
M.S. Student
Professor, Landscape Planning and Harvest Scheduling, Leon "Buddy" Hargreaves Jr. Distinguished Professor in Forest Management
Program Director - Southern Regional Extension Forestry
Research Assistant
Professor and Langdale Endowed Chair in Forest Business
Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM), Director of the UGA Tourism Research Lab
Adjunct professor
Associate Professor & Director, Joseph E. Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway
Assistant Professor, Landscape Ecology and Conservation Genetics
Associate Scientist, Jones Center at Ichauway
Professor, Fish Biology and Ecotoxicology
Chair Elect, Brooks Land & Timber, MFR '15,
M.S. student
Dean's Advisory Board, Past Chair, Weyerhaeuser
Fisheries and Wildlife (Aquatic Sciences), (BSFR ’24)
Professor, Forest Biometrics & Quantitative Timber Management, Director, Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC)
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (spring ’24)
Research Professional I
Business Manager III
Public Service Assistant
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Alumni Steering Committee, International Paper, BSFR '04, Email:
Professor & Director, School of Natural resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management
Student Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator , Warnell Ambassador Coordinator
Terrell Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management
Center Assistant
Research Technician III
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor, Stuart W. Stedman Chair for White-tailed Deer Research
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Professor, Fiber Supply Assessment
Assistant Professor of Silviculture Outreach
Professor of Tree Biology & Health Care, University Hill Fellow for Distinguished Public Service & Outreach
Assistant Professor & Scientist, Joseph E. Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway
Associate Professor of Forest Operations
Senior Research Scientist in Wildlife Biometrics
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Biometrics, Dennis and Sara Carey Distinguished Professorship in Forestry and Natural Resources
Research Professional II
Senior Research Associate
Warnell Research Office, Grants Coordinator III
Ph.D. student
Fisheries and Wildlife (Wildlife Sciences) (BSFR ’23)
Assistant Professor, Deer Ecology and Management
M.S. Student
Assistant Professor, Forest Finance
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’25)
Associate Professor - Wood and Fiber Quality
Student & Career Services Coordinator, UGA, BSFR 2023, Environmental Education Certified, Project Wet and Project Learning Tree Certified
Professor of Forest Economics, Emeritus
Application Programmer Specialist
Professor, Emeritus Quantitative Forest Management
Application Programmer Associate
Research Professional II, Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC)
Graduate Program Administrator
Research Professional II
Chair Elect, Rayonier, BSFR '14, MFR '16,
Associate Director for Research, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Instructor & National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring Deputy Chief for Science
Professor, Forest Productivity
IT Programmer & Mobile Applications Director
Associate Professor, Sustainability Sciences
Stuckey Timberland, Inc., BSA '04, MFR '07, Email:
Administrative Assistant
Lecturer, Data Literacy
Fisheries and Wildlife (Wildlife Sciences) (BSFR ’24)
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (BSFR ’25)
Assistant Professor & Project Leader, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
Assistant Professor, Fisheries
Associate Dean for Outreach & Meigs Professor of Environmental Education
Professor, Forest Entomology
Research Professional I
Forestry Technician II
Research Professional II, Timber Mart South
Ph.D. student
Research Outreach Professional
Postdoctoral Associate
Senior Lecturer & Assistant Director for Program Development, Discover Abroad
Associate Professor of Community Forestry
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor, Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism Management
Dean Emeritus
Post Award Grants Accountant
Natural Resource Management and Sustainability, Water and Soil Resources (BSFR ’26)
Past Chair, Green Diamond Management Company, BSFR '13,
Distinguished Research Professor, Animal Ecology
Ph.D. student
Forest Health/Silviculture Technician
Associate Professor, Fisheries Management and Ecology
Research Assistant-GIS
Director of Development
Dean's Advisory Board, Unicoi Outfitters
Professor Emeritus, Forest Business Management & TimberMart-South
Administrative Specialist I
Outreach Program Coordinator
Outreach Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Aquatic Ecosystem Health
Sr. Academic Manager
Forestry (BSFR ’24)
Sea Pines Resort, BSFR '95, MS '98, Email:
M.S. student
Professor, Landscape Ecology
Professor, Wildlife Disease & Wildlife
Research Professional III
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’25)
Alumni Steering Committee, member (2012-2016), EVP North and South American Operations atResource Management Company, LLC
M.S. Student
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Fisheries and Wildlife (Wildlife Sciences) (BSFR ’23)
Undergraduate Researcher
Fisheries and Wildlife, Pre-Vet (BSFR ’24)
Director, Lands & Facilities
Unit Leader & Adjunct Associate Faculty Fisheries
Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, John Porter Stevens Distinguished Professor of Water Resources, IRIS faculty, River Basin Center Faculty
Georgia SFI Coordinator
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’24)
CEO, The Orianne Society
Adjunct Professor
Department of Natural Resources, BSFR '95, MS '98
Associate Professor, Tree Physiology and Forest Ecology
Continuing Education Program Director
Dean's Advisory Board , Chair, Bartlett Tree Experts
Administrative Specialist II
Senior Research Associate
Ph.D. student
Professor Emeritus, Quantitative Silviculture
Doctoral Candidate | Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management (PRTM)
Assistant Professor & Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Assistant Professor of Silviculture
Associate Professor, Ecosystem Ecology & Management
Research Professional III
M.S. student
M.S. student
Director, Jones Center at Ichauway
Writing Instructor
Assistant Professor of Wildlife Management & Wildlife Extension Specialist
Graduate Student (M.S.)
Chair, Forisk Consulting LLC, BSFR '05, MS '07, Email:
Forestry Worker I
Program Coordinator, Warnell Research and Outreach Offices
Associate Professor, Forest Economics & Taxation Outreach Specialist
Chair Elect, Forest Investment Associates, BSA '03, MFR '05, Email:
Graduate Student (M.S.)
Graduate Research Assistant
Research Ecologist, USFS Southern Research Staation
Academic Professional
Dean's Advisory Board, Director of Georgia Forestry Commission
Research Ecologist, USFS Southern Research Station
Assistant Professor & Principal and Forest Economist, the Forest Research Group
Forest Investment Associates, BSFR '09, MFR '11, Email:
Josiah Meigs Distinguished Professor, Wildlife
CURO Undergraduate Researcher
Professor Emeritus Wildlife Biology
Professor, Soil Site Productivity
Professor, Wildlife
Administrative Associate II
Associate Professor, Forest Health Specialist
State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, BSFR '13,
Senior Accountant
Director of Alumni Relations
Young Dawg
Assistant Professor & Researcher, US Army Corp of Engineers, Engineer Research & Development Center
Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
Professor & Manager of Growth & Yield Research, Rainier
Ph.D. student
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (BSFR ’26)
Research Professional II
Research Professional III
Assistant Professor & President, FORISK Consulting
Professor, Wildlife Specialist
Professor, Forest Biology
Research Professional III
Professor Emeritus
Forest Business Research Coordinator
Natural Resource Management and Sustainability, Water and Soil Resources (BSFR ’26)
Program Coordinator
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’26)
Research Professional III
Dean's Advisory Board, Resource Management Service, LLC
Adjunct Professor
Fisheries and Wildlife, Pre-Vet (BSFR ’24)
Emeritus Director, Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health (Bugwood)
Research Professional III
Dean's Advisory Board, Forest Resource Consultants
Senior Research Scientist (Forest Biometrics and Ecology) at the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Forest Biometrics
Research Professional II
Senior Graphic Designer
Assistant Professor & Director, Sustainability and Business Administration, Architectural Collaborative LLC
Interim Dean, Associate Dean for Research, Professor, Spatial Ecology and Geographic Information Science
Assistant Research Scientist
Nutter & Associates
Research Professional III
Research Ecologist, USFS Southern Research Station
Dean's Advisory Board, Chair Elect, Georgia Power Company
Ph. D. Student
Sr. Research Associate
Graduate Assistant, M.S. Student
IT Associate Director, SREF
Ex-Officio, Young Alumni Committee, Postdoctoral Program and Research Associate at University of Georgia
Director, Harley Langdale, Jr. Center for Forest Business
Application Programmer Associate
Research Professional I, Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC)
Undergraduate Researcher
Director of Communications
Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, BSFR '13,
Assistant Professor of Precision Forestry
Associate Professor of Fisheries, Oregon State University Department of Fisheries & Wildlife & Assistant Leader - Fish, USGS Oregon Cooperative Fish & Wildlife research Unit
Associate Professor, Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Department of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries
Research Professional I, Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC)
Post Doctoral Researcher
DNR Commissiioner
Research Professional III
Tall Timber, Inc., BSFR '17, MS '20,
Forestry (BSFR ’24)
Weyerhaeuser, MS '17, MFR '19, PHD '20,
Administrative Specialist
BSFR '00, Email:
Director, Savannah River Ecology Lab
Deputy Director, Institute for Social Science Research
Associate Professor - Assistant Unit Leader
Assistant Director of Finance and Operations
Assistant Professor of Wildlife
Director, Internet Technology
Assistant Professor & Research Forester, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
Professor & Department Head, Oregon State University, College of Forestry, Wood Science & Engineering
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (BSFR ’25)
Sr. Accountant
Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Associate
Associate Professor, Fisheries
Inferor, BSFR '17,
Young Alumni Committee (2023)
Discover Abroad Administrative Associate
Research Professional II
Research Professional IV
Stuckey Professor of Forest Economics and Taxation, Graduate Coordinator
Assistant Forest Resources Manager, Inventory Officer
Scientist, Jones Center at Ichauway
PMRC Crew Member
Assistant Research Scientist & Associate Conservation Scientist, The Orianne Society
Fisheries and Wildlife (Wildlife Sciences) (BSFR ’25)
IT Network Support Professional
Dean's Advisory Board, Timberland Investment
Professor Emeritus
Research Professional II
Director, Discover Abroad, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Human Dimensions
Greenhouse Supervisor
Professor Emeritus, Physiology, Forest Ecology
Administrative Specialist I
IT Professional Specialist
Forest Resources Manager
Research Coordinator
Manulife Investment Management, Timberland & Agriculture, BBA '02, PHD '15,
Forestry (BSFR ’23)
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’24)
Winfred N. "Hank" Haynes Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Associate Research Scientist, Savannah River Ecology Lab
Research Professional II
Forestry (BSFR ’24)
NCX, BSFR '16,
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’25)
Associate Professor, Forest Pathology, Co-director, Southern Pine Health Research Cooperative
Center for Forest Business
Research Professional II
Dean's Advisory Board, Ducks Unlimited
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Research Professional IV, Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC)
Keeping Forests, JD '07, MNR '12, PHD '17, Email:
Dean's Advisory Board, MFR '14,
Young Alumni Committee
Professor Emeritus
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor, Aquatic Science
Forestry (BSFR ’24)
M.S. student
Piedmont Equine Associates, LLC, BSFR '13, DVM '19,
Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Sciences (BSFR ’24)
Professor of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management
Public Service Associate
Assistant Research Scientist
Arnett C. Mace Jr. Distinguished Professor, Wildlife Disease
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Graduate Research Assistant
Senior Research Scientist/Graduate Faculty, (Statistics, Forest Biometrics), Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC)

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