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Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez

Professor, Wildlife Disease & Wildlife

I am an Associate Professor of Wildlife Disease, in a shared position between the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, Department of Population Health, at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Ph.D., Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA - 2008
  • DVM, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA - 1996
  • Dip ACZM, Zoological Medicine - 2002 Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Sonora Veterinary Specialists - 1996-1997
  • Residency in Zoo/Wildlife Medicine, Cornell Univeristy, Ithaca, NY - 1998-2001 
  • BA in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, University of New Orleans, New Orleans - 1992
Selected Publications:

Hernandez-Divers SM. 2008. Of birds, people (and coffee): research and conservation in Costa Rica. J Avian Med Surg. 22(1):59-65. 

Hernandez-Divers SJ, Stahl SJ, Wilson GH, McBride M, Hernandez-Divers SM, Cooper T, Stedman N. 2007. Endoscopic orchidectomy and salpingohysterectomy of pigeons (Columba livia): an avian model for minimally invasive endosurgery. J Avian Med Surg. 21(1):22-37.

Aguilar RF, Hernandez-Divers SM and Hernandez-Divers SJ. 2005. Atlas de medicina, terapéutica y patología de animales exótios (Atlas of Medicine, Therapy and Pathology of Exotic Animals). Editorial Inter-Medica, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pp 1-375. 

Hernandez-Divers SM, Aguilar RA, Leandro-Loria D, Foerster CR. 2005. Health evaluation of a radiocollared population of free-ranging Baird's tapirs (Tapirus bairdii) in Costa Rica. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 36:176-187. 

Hernandez-Divers SM, Schumacher J, Read MR, Stahl S, Hernandez-Divers SJ. 2005. Comparison of isoflurane and sevoflurane following premedication with butorphanol in the green iguana (Iguana iguana). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 36:169-175

Hernandez-Divers SJ, Stahl SJ, Stedman NL, Hernandez-Divers SM, Schumacher J, Hanley CS, Wilson GH, Vidyashankar AN, Zhao Y and Rumbeiha WK. 2005. Renal Evaluation in the green iguana (Iguana iguana): Assessment of plasma biochemistry, glomerular filtration rate, and endoscopic biopsy. Journal of Zoo & Wildlife Medicine 36:155-168. 

Hernandez-Divers SJ, Stahl SJ, Hernandez-Divers SM, Read MR, Hanley C, Martinez F and Cooper TL. 2004. Coelomic endoscopy of the green iguana (Iguana iguana). J Herpetological Med & Surg, 14:10-18. 

Garner MM, Hernandez-Divers SM, Raymond JT. 2004. Reptile neoplasia: a retrospective study of case submissions to a specialty diagnostic service. Vet Clin North Am Exot Anim Pract. 7(3):653-71. 

Abou-Madi N, Scrivani PV, Kollias GV, Hernandez-Divers SM. 2004. Diagnosis of skeletal injuries in Chelonians using computed tomography. J Zoo Wildl Med. 35(2):226-31. 

Hernandez-Divers SJ, Bakal RS, Hickson BH, Rawlings CA, Wilson HG, Radlinsky M, Hernandez-Divers SM, Dover SR. 2004. Endoscopic sex determination and gonadal manipulation in Gulf of Mexico sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi). J Zoo Wildl Med. 35(4):459-70. 

Hernandez-Divers SM. 2004. Principles of wound management of small mammals: hedgehogs, prairie dogs, and sugar gliders. Vet Clin North Am Exot Anim Pract. 7(1):1-18.

Hernandez-Divers SJ and Hernandez-Divers SM 2004. Xenogeneic skin grafts using porcine small intestinal submucosa in two barn owls (Tyto alba), an umbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba), and a common crow (Corvus brachyhynchos). J Avian Med & Surg, 17:224-234. 

Hernandez-Divers SJ, Stahl SJ, Hernandez-Divers SM, Read MR, Hanley C, Martinez F and Cooper TL. 2004. Coelomic endoscopy of the green iguana (Iguana iguana). J Herpetological Med & Surg, 14:10-18. 

Hernandez-Divers SJ and Hernandez-Divers SM (eds.). 2003. The Veterinary Clinics of North America: Exotic Animal Practice. Internal Medicine. Vol 6(1). 

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Hernandez-Divers SM. 2002. Keeping Unusual Pets: Geckos. Textbook for children ages 8-10. Hernandez-Divers, S.M. Heinemann Library, Oxford, UK.

Hernandez-Divers SM. 2002. Keeping Unusual Pets: Snakes. Textbook for children ages 8-10. Heinemann Library, Oxford, UK. 

Hernandez-Divers SM, Hernandez-Divers SJ and Wyneken J. 2002. Angiographic, anatomic, and clinical technique descriptions of a subcarapacial venipuncture site for chelonians. J Herp Med & Surg, 12:32-37. 

Hernandez-Divers SM, Kollias, GV, Abou-Madi, N, Hartup, B. 2001. Surgical Technique for Abdominal Radiotransmitter Placement in North American River Otters (Lutra canadienses). J Zoo Wildl Med 32 (2): 202-205. 

Hernandez-Divers SM, Kollias GV, Abou-Madi N, Hartup BK. 2001. Surgical technique for intra-abdominal radiotransmitter placement in North American river otters (Lutra canadensis). J Zoo Wildl Med. 32(2):202-5.

Hernandez-Divers SM. 2000. Capture and Immobilization of Free-Ranging Baird's Tapirs in Costa Rica. In: Zoological Restraint and Anesthesia, Heard D. (ed.) Ithaca: International Veterinary Information Service, B0184:1201. 

Foerster, Sonia H. (previous name), James E. Bailey, Roberto Aguilar, Danilo L. Loria and Charles Foerster. 2001. Butorphanol/ Xylazine/ Ketamine Immobilization of Free-Ranging Baird's Tapirs. J Wildl Diseases, 36 (2).

Research Areas:
Research Interests:

I am interested in all aspects of wildlife disease, particularly how pathogens affect wildlife populations, communities and ecosystems and primarily with an applied perspective. I have and will continue to conduct research that attempts to understand how anthropogenic changes to the landscape can affect disease dynamics. My research has and will encompass the intersection of human, animal and wildlife health. I aim to integrate ecological principle to inform the fields of conservation medicine and wildlife disease investigation.




Articles Featuring Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez

The COVID-19 pandemic threw the intersection of animal and human diseases into the spotlight. Now, a specialized conference this week sharpens the focus on that topic.  

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