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Tree Natural History Resources

Trees are miraculous organisms!  Trees act as water vapor fountains, photosynthetic electron pumps, resource and space colonizers, and ecological apartment complexes.  Tree structure and function are controlled internally by two primary growth control points (huge numbers of root and shoot tips), and by two secondary growth layers (cambium and phellogen).  Trees grow a new living sheath of tissue each year over the accumulated annual growth of all past years.  Trees shed old tissues internally to the inside and externally into the environment.  

Trees are amazing!  Trees live for many years under an environment which tries to flatten and kill both above ground and below ground tissues.  Trees are tall, perennial, single-stemmed, woody plants with a distinct crown of leaves, and an active, shallow, wide-spreading root system.  Trees are ancient, having developed across 420 million years, in a diversity of environments and through wide climate variability.  Trees are worth understanding!

In order to better appreciate trees and their sites, a number of educational products are available to you, including fact sheets, tree lists, training workbooks, and educational programs.  Many types of tree natural history workshops are available here at your State Arboretum.  Contact us for more information.

Arboretum Species List

All About Trees!

Below are listed various tree information items for individual species, different regions of Georgia, and many tree subjects.

Species Curious

Teaching & Training

There are a number of teaching and training programs available – some are for professional tree health care providers, and some are for anyone interested in tree life and structure.  Below are several training manuals and workbooks used in helping people better understand trees while making greater use of your State Arboretum.  

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