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Dr. Joseph Conrad

Associate Professor, Forest Operations
  • Ph.D. Forest Operations, Virginia Tech, 2011
  • Master of Forestry, Virginia Tech, 2010
  • B.S. Forestry, The University of the South, 2008
Selected Publications:

Conrad, J.L., IV. In Press. Perceptions of Log Truck Weight Regulations Among Loggers and Forest Industry in Georgia, USA. Accepted for publication in Forest Science on October 20, 2021.

Conrad, J.L., IV. 2021. Log truck crashes before and after weight limit increases in North Carolina and Virginia, USA. International Journal of Forest Engineering 32:266–277.

Conrad, J.L., IV. 2021. Evaluating profitability of individual timber deliveries in the US South. Forests 12:437. 14 p. 

Conrad, J.L., IV. 2020. Would weight parity on interstate highways improve safety and efficiency of timber transportation in the US South? International Journal of Forest Engineering 31:242-252.

Conrad, J.L., IV and P.M. Grove. 2020. Timber security practices, vulnerabilities, and challenges in the US South. Society & Natural Resources 33:842-858.

Grove, P.M., J.L. Conrad IV, T.G. Harris Jr., and J. Dahlen. 2020. Consulting forester timber sale practices in the US South. Forest Science 66:221-229.

Grove, P.M., J.L. Conrad IV, and J. Dahlen. 2020. Volume and value recovery comparison of processor and conventional systems in pine stands of the U.S. South. International Journal of Forest Engineering 31:29-36. 

Conrad, J.L., IV and J. Dahlen. 2019. Productivity and cost of processors in whole-tree harvesting systems in southern pine stands. Forest Science 65(6):767-775.

Conrad, J.L., IV. 2019. Analysis of timber transportation accident frequency, location, and contributing factors in Georgia, USA 2006-2016. International Journal of Forest Engineering 30(2):109-120.

Conrad, J.L., IV. 2018. Costs and challenges of log truck transportation in Georgia, USA. Forests 9:650. 14 p.

Conrad, J.L., IV, W.D. Greene, and P. Hiesl. 2018. The evolution of logging businesses in Georgia 1987-2017 and South Carolina 2012-2017. Forest Science 64(6):671-681.

Conrad, J.L., IV, W.D. Greene, and P. Hiesl. 2018. A Review of Changes in U.S. Logging Businesses 1980s-Present. Journal of Forestry 116(3):291-303.

Conrad, J.L., IV, M.C. Demchik, and M.M. Vokoun. 2018. Effects of seasonal timber harvesting restrictions on procurement practices. Forest Products Journal 68(1):43-53.

Demchik, M.C., J.L. Conrad IV, and M.M. Vokoun. 2018. Crop tree release guidelines for 71 to 94-year-old oak stands based on height and financial maturity. Journal of Forestry 116(3):217-221. 

Demchik, M.C., J.L. Conrad IV, D. McFarlane, and M.M. Vokoun. 2018. Wisconsin timber sale availability as impacted by seasonal harvest restrictions. Forest Science 64(1):74-81.

Conrad, J.L., IV, M.C. Demchik, M.M. Vokoun, A.M. Evans, and M.P. Lynch. 2017. Foresters’ perceptions of the frequency, cost, and rationale for seasonal timber harvesting restrictions in Wisconsin. Forest Science 63(3):331-341.  

Conrad, J.L., IV, M.M. Vokoun, S.P. Prisley, and M.C. Bolding. 2017. Barriers to logging production and efficiency in Wisconsin. International Journal of Forest Engineering 28(1):57-65.

Demchik, M.C., J.L. Conrad IV, and M.M. Vokoun. 2016. Should unthinned oak stands of advanced age (≥60 yr) be thinned? Journal of Sustainable Forestry 35(4):299-310.

Smalley, G.W., S.J. Torreano, B.H. Swinney, M.R. Fulkerson, R.W. Barry, J.L. Conrad IV, and W.H. McNab. 2016. Structure and productivity of an eastern white pine plantation on two mid-Cumberland Plateau landtypes at ages 33 and 44. USDA Forest Service e-Research Paper SRS-57. Asheville, NC. 8 p.

Conrad, J.L., IV. 2014. Adapting to a changing landscape: how Wisconsin loggers persist in an era of parcelization. Forest Products Journal 64(7/8):273-280.

Conrad, J.L., IV, M.C. Bolding, W.M. Aust, R.L. Smith, and A. Horcher. 2013. Harvesting productivity and costs when utilizing energywood from pine plantations of the southern Coastal Plain USA. Biomass and Bioenergy 52:85-95.

Conrad, J.L., IV, W.S. Ford, M.C. Groover, M.C. Bolding, and W.M. Aust. 2012. Virginia Tech forest road and bladed skid trail cost estimation method. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 36(1):26-32.

Conrad, J.L., IV, M.C. Bolding, R.L. Smith, and W.M. Aust. 2011. Wood-energy market impact on competition, procurement practices, and profitability of landowners and forest products industry in the U.S. South. Biomass and Bioenergy 35(1):280-287.

Conrad, J.L., IV and M.C. Bolding. 2011. Virginia’s woody biomass market: Opportunities and implications. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 35(2):67-72.

Conrad, J.L., IV, M.C. Bolding, W.M. Aust, and R.L. Smith. 2010. Wood-to-energy expansion, forest ownership changes, and mill closure: Consequences for U.S. South’s wood supply chain. Forest Policy and Economics 12(6):399-406. 

Area of Specialty:
Research Areas:
Research Interests:

I conduct research in forest operations with a focus on timber harvesting efficiency and delivered wood cost. The goal of my research is to generate data that will help forest managers implement their management plans efficiently and allow timber harvesting professionals to harvest and deliver timber to Georgia's forest industry at a competitive cost. Specifically, I am interested in timber harvesting pxroductivity and cost, timber transportation safety and efficiency, timber harvesting on small forest parcels, logging capacity utilization, timber procurement, and the impact of policies/restrictions/regulations on harvesting costs.

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