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Many forest landowners think about taxes only after they had a timber sale. However, careful tax planning is essential to minimize your total taxes considering the long-term nature of forest management and the availability of a few income tax provisions related to timber. Here are 9 tax tips for… Read Article

Hurricanes can negatively affect southern pine forests. The strong winds and flooding associated with these storms can damage tree branches, stems, roots, and foliage.

A recent example of a severe hurricane that impacted southern forests is Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael was a… Read Article

Agriculture producers are well aware of the economic impacts they suffer at the snout and mouth of the wild pig. Hunters are harvesting pigs in the fall along with deer and other game species. Wild pigs are abundant, troublesome, and widespread in Georgia.

Wild Pigs–also called feral… Read Article


The story of South Africa’s oribi mirrors conservation issues for other iconic species


If only it were as simple as finding more grassland for an antelope.

The story of efforts to conserve the endangered oribi in South Africa represent a diaspora of issues as varied as the people… Read Article

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